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Healthy Community Five Year Plan

Creating and Celebrating Community Change

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About The Healthy Community Initiative

About The Healthy Community Initiative

To understand the origins of the Healthy Community Initiative, it is helpful to revisit a five year community action plan developed by approximately 150 citizens in a town hall meeting in 2001.  Facilitated by former State Representative Nate Jonker, and kicked off by then State Senator John Cherry, the town hall planning session created on-going committees including one to increase communication, partnerships, and efficiency across the geographic boundaries of Vienna, Thetford, and the City of Clio.


The Regional Planning Board

The Community Creates A Regional Planning Board

President: Henry Hatter, Clio School Board

Vice President: Eileen Kerr, Trustee of Thetford Township

Secretary: Edward Mosher

Treasurer: Dick Scott, Clerk of Vienna Township

Vienna Township: Mike Zinn, Trustee

Thetford Township: Clyde Howd, Supervisor

City of Clio: Dwayne Mosher, Councilman

Clio Area School District: Robert Swartwood, Trustee


Community Data

The Healthy Community Initiative began on January 10, 2008 when the Clio Area Regional Planning Board passed a resolution calling on the community to commit to create a “Healthy Community” during 2008.  The Clio Rotary took on the healthy community challenge after learning about the health statistics in the 48420 zip code from Robert Pestronk, then serving as the director of the Genesee County Health Department.  The Rotary made a five year commitment that stimulated community-wide meetings, planning, and the first annual Health Fair in April of 2008.  The Healthy Community Initiative has been funded by foundations over the years and now enters its fourth year of existence with a grant from the Community Foundation of Greater Flint – running from April 2011 to April 2012.





Clio Vision 2020

By the year 2020, the Clio Area Community will have evolved into an economically successful community that supports local business, efficient and responsive governments, superior educational opportunities, and access to recreation, health care, and cultural activities.

On October 25th the Clio Area Regional Planning Board accepted the final DRAFT of the Vision 2020 plan that has been worked on and developed with the help of over 50 area citizens. A copy of that report is now available for review at the Chamber/Healthy Community Office (192 W. Vienna St. Downtown Clio).

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